Organic Synthesis

Merck Millipore’s organic synthesis products are perfectly suited to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
This is due to their high purity and quality reproducibility, but also because of the extensive product variety and Merck Millipore’s ability to provide customized solutions.

With over 4,000 building blocks, reagents, solvents, and more, we can support you in developing the drug from development and optimization to production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

You can choose between two levels of quality:
• The For Synthesis product line for chemical substances ideally suited to research and development, as well as use in the first steps of API production.
• The Msynth Plus product line, for when you need to comply with GMP regulations during API production, while also providing additional security and transparency through a certification portfolio and change notification agreements.

For more specific requirements, we also offer special packaging solutions, flexible quantities in milligrams per ton, adjusted specifications, and technical support.
With Merck Millipore, you get exactly what you want – to create the drug that people need.