Sterile Filtration Solutions

Prepare, Grow, Analyze
After 50 years of experience in sterile filtration, Merck Millipore continues to introduce innovative solutions for working with mammalian cell cultures. We offer a variety of products such as inserts and filter plates, allowing you to create an optimal environment for cell growth in which you can work with precision and comfort..

Cell Preparation: Tools that allow you to minimize the risk of infection while maximizing the efficiency of your work when preparing your cell culture media.

Cell Growth: No matter your culture type, we can offer you a plate, insert, or solution to help you achieve optimal results from cell cultures.

Cell Analysis: In addition to our various products for analyzing proteins in different kits, we offer new technologies to collect accurate data and effectively analyze your cell culture.

Sterile filtration of mediums and buffers is used by well-known brands such as Stericup®, Steriflip® and Millex® Sterile Syringe Filter Units in order to filter smaller volumes. All these products contain the highest quality membranes and also combine rapid screening and filtering while maintaining the sample following adsorption by the membrane and from adding unwanted material from the membrane.

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Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters
     ®Sterile Millex
Syringe Filters
ONIX Microfluidic Platform
Stericup is the ideal solution for sterile filtration of cell culture mediums, buffers, and reagents in various volumes.     Millex are sterile filters that connect to syringes in order to filter out small volumes     Millicell® EZ SLIDES are slides designed for cell analysis that can also be used for cell growth, fixation, dyeing, and observation under a microscope.
    CellASIC® ONIX is a system that connects to the microscope and uses a microfluidic pipeline linked to a special growth plate that allows you to control the growth conditions of living cells while simultaneously making an accurate analysis over time, even up to several days.