Inhibitors and Biochemicals

In the body, intracellular processes are controlled by interactions within and outside cells, where inhibitors play an important role. Therefore, inhibitors constitute a research tool used to explore and decipher various signaling pathways.
We offer the highest quality, widest, and most cited range of inhibitors from the well-known Calbiochem® brand by Merck Millipore: panels and libraries of inhibitors, soluble and non-soluble inhibitors, activators and supplementary products. Extensive knowledge and professionalism in the field of inhibitors has resulted in the creation of high-quality brochures with the most important information on inhibitors for the various signaling pathways that also explain how to work with inhibitors of a high technical level. 

Research Essential Biochemicals


Calbiochem Inhibitors


Research Essential biochemicals are basic components in a wide range of applications. Lay the foundation for publication quality results by
using high quality reagents

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Essential Biochemicals

Inhibitors and other small molecules are critical for studying ell signaling and other mechanisms that control cell fate, function and phenotype

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