FBS - Optimize your cell growth with Fetal Bovine Serum

BS is the supplement most frequently used in cell culture systems (2-20 % in medium). Where applicable, it is also used in the production of therapeutic proteins.
FBS is a by-product of the meat industry and can be extracted as such only in regions with extensive cattle husbandry, where a sufficient amount of bovine fetuses can be accumulated during the slaughtering processes

In general, FBS provided by Biochrom AG originates from South America and Australia. The serum is tested for endotoxins, mycoplasma, viral contamination, and viral antibodies )(against BVD-MD, BHV-1, PI3

What cells do you like to cultivate
Depending on your needs, we can recommend FBS lots suitable for cultivating amniotic fluid cells and hybridoma cells

In addition, Biochrom AG offers FBS with specific pre-treatment
· γ-irradiated FBS (on request and for an extra charge, γ-irradiation is available for improved viral safety; irradiation dose ≥ 30 kGray)
· charcoal-stripped FBS, hormone-free (cat. no. S 3113, 100 ml)
· on request, heat-inactivated or dialysed sera (exclusion limit 12-14 kDa); please enquire for conditions and prices
· tetracyclin-free FBS