Cell Analysis

Mercury provides a variety of equipment solutions in the field of cell analysis:

An automatic cell counter that provides information on the condition and number of cells in 30 seconds.

A mini cell analyzer based on microcapillary fluorescence technology with a variety of kits, including cell cycle, count, and viability, and apoptosis.

A flow cytometry system with one laser and five parameters, and up to three lasers and twelve parameters in two configurations for analysis of a single sample and configuration for the analysis of individual samples and a 96-well microplate.


Unparalleled Sensitivity—The CellStream Flow Cytometry System delivers high fluorescence sensitivity with MESF <10 for FITC and MESF <5 for PE.
1 to 7 Laser Capacity—The CellStream System can be configured with 1 to 7 lasers. Laser upgrades are easily performed in the lab with no downtime.
Unique Event Gallery Software Feature—This unique camera-enabled feature of the CellStream Acquisition Software allows for population verification, aids in troubleshooting, and resolves doublets.
Standard 96-well Plate AutoSampler—All CellStream Systems are equipped for both single tubes and 96-well plates. On-board fluidics handle all mixing and rinsing steps to give you walkaway, high throughput acquisition.
Patented Optics Technology—The CellStream Flow Cytometry System contains patented time delay integration (TDI) and camera technology to rapidly capture low-resolution cell images and transform these into high throughput intensity data.

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 Apoptosis Assay Chart

DNA Damage & TUNEL Assays
  DNA Damage & TUNEL Assays


Annexin V Assays

Annexin V Assays
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