Antibodies and Assays

Mercury, a representative of Merck Millipore, offers an extensive professional portfolio of primary and secondary antibodies, kits, and supplementary materials from leading names within the field, such as Upstate®, Chemicon® and Calbiochem®, providing antibodies for contemporary research disciplines, including: neuroscience, epigenetics, cell signaling, cancer, cell structure. Our antibodies are calibrated and reproducible, permitting promotional-level results in a shorter time. In addition, you will receive professional technical support to solve technical problems in your experimental condition and a warranty for using the antibody according to its description on the site. Choose from antibodies that are also suited for methods other than WB, such as: immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and Chromatin IP.

  Phosphotyrosine Antibodies 
The phosphotyrosine antibody clone® 4G10 is known for its sensitivity and ability to detect the phosphorylation of tyrosine on a variety of substrates. Numerous scientific articles have been published citing the antibody, and it is widely used and known in almost all research areas.

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  Anti-Actin, clone C4
 Monoclonal anti-actin antibodies identify the six isoforms.

Anti-Actin Antibody, clone C4 | MAB1501



Anti-Actin Antibody, clone C4, Alexa Fluor® 488 conjugated | MAB1501X


    Anti-Actin Antibody, near a.a. 50-70, clone C4 |
  Montage Antibody Purification Kits
.Kits for the quick and easy purification of antibodies from serum, liquid, and cell cultures.

  Catch and Release Kite
A fast, simple, reproducible kit for IP that can be used to isolate native and denatured proteins with the help of a variety of antibodies in different designs, without the need to carry out denaturation in order to obtain the complex.

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