Upstream Processing

The “Upstream” stage is usually defined as the initial stage of preparing the growth substrates and buffers required for growing cells/microorganisms and then growing cell cultures (often using a bioreactor), which are sometimes themselves biotech products.

The “Upstream” stage involves preparing the growth substrates and buffers, as well as using bioreactors to grow the bacteria/cells that produce biotech products (and sometimes the cells themselves are the product).

It is vital to optimize this stage, because it has a direct impact on the quantity, quality and cost of manufacturing the biotechnological product. It is also very important to avoid contamination during the making of the substrates and the growth period, and you must therefore adhere to the cleaning and work regulations that have passed the quality control (validation) procedures required for production processes.

As the company specializes in solutions for the biopharmaceutical and biotech industries, we have extensive experience and a wide range of raw materials, substrates and products (including disposable products), which will streamline your work and allow you to work more safely while also saving time and money on cleaning.

Upstream Bioprocessing
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Upstream Bioprocessing