Downstream Processing

Is your production floor optimized for the process?


• Biotechnological production processes are among the most challenging because: on the one hand, you must clean and process the material, and be able to document and repeat the process in a reproducible way, while on the other hand making sure that you do not adversely affect the desired biological activity and that the manufacturing components do not react with the biological material.

• As representatives of Merck Millipore, we have the tools to give you reliable solutions for the processing and cleaning stages on the biotech production floor, including: bioreactors, filters for various uses (cleaning cell fragments, bacteria or viruses) and filter housings (standard or designed according to customer requirements), filtration and diafiltration systems using TFF technology, process sampling systems, and chromatography solutions.

• Our product portfolio enables the production floors of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and produce clinical and commercial drug ingredients both safely and effectively

• With Millipore, you get the benefits of over 50 years of experience. In fact, 98% of all manufacturing processes for drugs produced in the world today use Millipore products.

• We will help you optimize every step of the development and production. Whether you're producing antibodies or vaccines, or other drugs, Millipore provides you with solutions to increase the speed and yield while maintaining the quality of the biological material every step of the way.

• Our products and services are delivered by people who know biotechnological production processes inside and out. Our team consists of scientists and engineers who are willing to come to your facility in order to understand the complexity of your production and development processes, and offer you the appropriate solution.                     

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