Advanced filtration processes are an integral part of a groundbreaking research environment that is required to meet the highest standards of reproducibility and uncompromising quality. Merck Millipore draws on 50 years of experience in the field to offer a range of high quality filters and membranes. These filters and membranes are top of the line and enable efficient, consistent, practical sample preparation processes. Due to the uncompromising quality and consistent results of experiments carried out with our products, many researchers now note Merck Millipore products in their sample preparation

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Sterile Filtration Solutions  
Working with cell cultures ensures efficiency and security, with products such as Stericup® and Millex®, as well as other innovative products.  

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 Analytical Sample Preparation  
Filtering your sample with the help of our filters will help you maintain a clean baseline and improve both the quality of your chromatography and the reproducibility of your results.

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 Protein Sample Preparation  
Use Amicon® Ultra filters and magnetic PureProteome® beads. They are part of a product range that allows you advantageous flexibility in protein extraction, cleaning, and concentration.
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 Filters for Particle Monitoring  
Using our filters and other products for monitoring particles while ensuring environmental quality allows you to enjoy safe, green, high quality products.
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