Products & Solutions for Life Science Research


Research activities in various life science fields are currently progressing with unprecedented momentum. In the fields of cancer research, Alzheimer's, neuroscience, cellular structure or epigenetics, conducted by researchers like yourself in laboratories worldwide, all researchers share the common goal of deciphering the unknown and achieving vital breakthroughs.

Achieving these breakthroughs is never easy and requires precise and meticulous daily evaluation based on quality materials that are optimally adapted to the work environment of a highly sensitive, demanding research laboratory.

Mercury, the representative of Merck Millipore in Israel, offers you a wide range of quality products and innovative solutions for the entire spectrum of research areas. Their effectiveness has been proven in the world's leading research laboratories, and they are produced by an established company that has been active in this field for more than 350 years.

At Mercury, we are well aware of your need to wholly immerse yourself in research, a demanding schedule, and a competitive environment. Therefore, we have assembled a world of solutions on our website, including tools for molecular biology, and protein expression and cleaning, antibodies from Upstate, Chemicon, Calbiochem, and other brands, as well as a wide range of kits and products for those involved in studying cell cultures for research, such as: filters, antibiotics, buffers, inhibitors, clean proteins, detergents and compact FACS equipment for laboratories.
In every field and at every stage of your research, you will find all the solutions you need on our website to advance your scientific activities in the safest way possible.