Process Solutions

Selection of the correct raw materials is essential to the process of developing new products, as well as improving the manufacture of existing products.

Even in your work environment, where there are many constraints and a wide range of factors must be considered, it is vital to select raw materials that meet regulatory, quality, and reproducibility requirements, as proven through years of successful operations.

Mercury, which is Merck Millipore’s exclusive representative in Israel, offers you the opportunity to enjoy professional solutions supplied by a multinational company with a history dating back 350 years. The efficacy of these materials has been proven over many years of research and work in the global chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology markets.

We understand the constraints you have to deal with in the development process, from striving for uncompromising quality, through compliance with regulatory requirements, to the need for reproducibility and keeping to market launch schedules. All this, while keeping the cost attractive, allowing your product to provide significant added value versus the competition.

Merck Millipore’s wide range of innovative, high-quality raw materials from Merck Millipore, in addition to our advanced procedural solutions tailored precisely to your needs, will give you the peace of mind and confidence that are so vital to your demanding business reality, and allow you to focus on the best, most profitable distribution in this challenging market.
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