About us

Mercury distributes high-end chemicals, biochemical products, and scientific equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and chemical markets for more than 50 years. We are the representatives in Israel of both Merck Millipore and Merck Performance Materials.

 Mercury's vision is to consistently provide an evolving variety of first-rate solutions and to attain ever-higher levels of quality customer service. This includes pre-sale and after-sale services in order to help our customers achieve exceptional performance in the challenging modern market.

Our products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries includes regulated products and solutions that run the gamut from small molecule-based pharmaceutical production, development tools, multi-use or single-use equipment and systems, integrated technologies, applications, and validation services, through scale-up to full scale production, all the way to upstream production and downstream purification of large molecule-based biopharmaceuticals.

Mercury supplies products and scientific equipment to life science research laboratories and QC laboratories in a wide spectrum of institutes and industries. These include bioscience products for diverse research areas (biochemistry, cell biology,molecular biology,etc.); chemicals; reagents; water purification systems; a broad range of filtration solutions, columns and consumables for chromatography; as well as microbiological and biomonitoring testing products for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries.
Our service engineers have been trained and certified by our suppliers,we provide support, storage, distribution, scientific and logistical solutions precisely adapted to customer requirements.

Mercury customers includes leading names from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in addition to universities, research institutes, service laboratories, and major companies in the cosmetic, food, chemical, and agriculture industries. These market sectors are a dominant force in the Israeli economy and a key factor in its continued growth.

Mercury’s 45 employees include 27 marketing and sales professionals, such as product and sales managers, who meet with customers on a daily basis. Each member of our professional sales and marketing team has an academic background in chemistry or the life sciences, giving them an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and helping us find the best solutions to meet those needs.

Mercury and its entire supply chain have been ISO 9001 certified since 1995. We manage every link in the supply chain, including purchase, import, storage (in a GDP-compatible warehouse), and distribution to end user’s location.